Full research papers

  • A Comparative Analysis of Time Series Prediction Techniques —A Systematic Literature Review (SLR)
    Sawsen Briki, Nesrine Khabou and Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez. 
  • Advancing Brain Tumor Segmentation via Attention-based 3D U-Net Architecture and Digital Image Processing
    Eyad Gad, Seif Soliman and M. Saeed Darweesh. 
  • GRU-Based Forecasting Model for Energy Production and Consumption: Leveraging Random Forest Feature Importance
    Alaa Odeh, Amjad Ratrout and Rashid Jayousi. 
  • Localizing Non-Functional Code Bugs in User Interfaces using Deep Learning Techniques
    Arwa Ahmed, Ahmed Tamer, Ghada Khoriba and Tamer Arafa. 
  • A Formal Metamodel with Composite Components
    James Baak, Quentin Rouland and Jason Jaskolka. 
  • Exploring Synthetic Noise Algorithms for Real-world Similar Data Generation: A Case Study on Digitally Twining Hybrid Turbo-shaft Engines in UAV/UAS Applications.
    Ali Aghazadeh Ardebili, Antonella Longo, Antonio Ficarella, Adem Khalil and Sabri Khalil.
  • OntoFD: a Generic Ontology to Represent Knowledge of Fake News in Social Media.
    Fériel Ben Fraj and Nourhène Nouri. 
  • A floating-point numbers theory for Event-B
    Idir Ait Sadoune. 
  • Deep Learning Based on TensorFlow and Keras for Predictive Monitoring of Business Process Execution Delays
    Walid Ben Fradj, Mohamed Turki and Faiez Gargouri.
  • Breast Cancer Detection based DenseNet with Attention model in Mammogram Images
    Tawfik Mousa, Ramzi Zouari and Mouna Baklouti.
  • Model based testing approach for EIP-1559 Ethereum Smart contracts.
    Mohamed Amin Hammemi and Mariam Lahami. 
  • Enhanced Security in Social IoT: Real-Time Mitigation of Trust-Related Attacks with Blockchain and Apache Spark
    Mariam Masmoudi, Ikram Amous, Corinne Amel Zayani and Florence Sèdes. 
  • Finding a Second Wind: Speeding Up Graph Traversal Queries in RDBMSs Using Column-Oriented Processing.
    Mikhail Firsov, Michael Polyntsov, Kirill Smirnov and George Chernishev. 
  • Execution planning in aggregated search in the web of data without using metadata.
    Ahmed Rabhi, Rachida Fissoune, Hassan Badir and Mohamed Tabaa. 
  • AI-LMS : AI-based Long-term Monitoring System for patients in pandemics: COVID-19 case study.
    Nada Zendaoui, Nardjes Bouchemal and Maya Benabdelhafid. 
  • Understanding Mobile Game Reviews Through Sentiment Analysis: A Case Study of PUBGm.
    Yang Yu, Duy-Tai Dinh, Fangyu Yu and Van-Nam Huynh. 
  • Hybrid Data-driven and Knowledge-based Predictive Maintenance Framework in the Context of Industry 4.0.
    Mohamed Abdelillah Fidma, Nora Hamour, Samir Ouchani and Sidi Mohamed Benslimane. 
  • Cardiovascular Anomaly Detection using Deep Learning Techniques
    Wassim Sliti, Seif Ben Abdelali, Aymen Yahyaoui, Amine Mosbah and Olfa Djebbi. 
  • Ontology matching using multi-head attention graph isomorphism network.
    Samira Oulefki, Lamia Berkani, Nassim Boudjenah, Imad Eddine Kenai and Aicha Mokhtari. 
  • Investigating the Perceived Usability of Entity-Relationship Quality Frameworks for NoSQL Databases.
    Chaimae Asaad, Karim Baïna and Mounir Ghogho. 
  • Data-Driven and Model-Driven Approaches in Predictive Modeling for Operational Efficiency: Use case mining industry
    Oussama Hasidi, El Hassan Abdelwahed, My Abdellah Elalaoui-Chrifi, Aimad Qazdar, François Bourzeix, Intissar Benzakour, Ahmed Bendaouia and Charifa Dahhassi. 
  • Enhancing Semantic Image Synthesis: A GAN-Based Approach with Multi-Feature Adaptive Denormalization Layer.
    Karim Magdy, Ghada Khoriba and Hala Abbas. 
  • Approach based on Bayesian network and ontology for identifying factors influencing the states of people with psychological problems from social media data.
    Mourad Ellouze and Lamia Hadrich Belguith. 
  • Discovering Relationships between Heterogeneous declarative Mappings for RDF Knowledge Graph.
    Amel Belmaksene and Selma Khouri. 
  • Fuzzy HealthIoT ontology for comorbidity treatment
    Ahlem Rhayem, Ishak Riali, Mohamed Ben Ahmed Mhiri, Messaouda Fareh and Faiez Gargouri. 
  • Social recommendation using deep auto-encoder and confidence aware sentiment Analysis
    Lamia Berkani, Abdelhakim Ghiles Hamiti and Yasmine Zemmouri. 
  • Towards an Effective Attribute-based Access Control Model for Neo4j
    Adil Achraf Bereksi Reguig, Houari Mahfoud and Abdessamad Imine. 

Short research papers

  • Towards an Open Domain Arabic Question Answering System: Assessment of the Bert Approach
    Chaimae Azroumahli, Yacine Elyounoussi and Hassan Badir.

  • Smart Saliency Detection For Prosthetic Vision
    Nermin Khalifa, Walid Al-Atabany and Sahar Selim 

  • A comparative analysis of Time Series Transformers and alternative Deep
    Learning models for SSVEP Classification
    Heba Ali, Adel Elzemity, Amir Oghostinos and Sahar Selim

  • Multi-lingual scene text detection containing the Arabic scripts using an optimal then enhanced YOLO model
    Houssem Turki, Mohamed Elleuch and Monji Kherallah
  • Transfer Learning in Segmenting Myocardium Perfusion Images
    Yasmin Emad Younis 

  • Transfer Learning Model for Cyberbullying Detection in Tunisian Social Networks
    Sahar Ben Bechir, Asma Mekki and Mariem Ellouze
  • Scoring unstructured data from Online Social Network for homeland security applications
    Ahmed Samti, Sami Naouali and Wadii Boulila
  • Are embeddings compatible with incremental data alignment?
    Oumaima El Haddadi, Max Chevalier, Bernard Dousset, Ahmed El Allaoui, Anass El Haddadi and Olivier Teste
  • The Power of Prognosis : Cox Model Prediction of Disease-Free Survival in Colon Cancer
    Oussama Belhouichet, Aymen Yahyaoui, Wadii Boulila, Aref Zribi and Rabah Attia

  • MixUp Data Augmentation for Handwritten Arabic Mathematical Symbols Recognition
    Ibtissem Hadj Ali, Anouar Ben Khalifa and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub

  • Automatic Detection of Multiple Sclerosis Using  Genomic Expression
    Abdallah Ahmed, Marwa Hadhoud and Vidan Ghoneim
  • Towards Enabling Domain-Specific Modeling Language Exchange between Modeling Tools
    Rohit Gupta, Christoph Binder, Nico Jansen, Ambra Calà, Jan Vollmar, Nikolaus Regnat, David Schmalzing and Bernhard Rumpe